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The best areas to place your home security cameras in Portland

March 14, 2022

To determine the best place for your home security cameras in Portland, go with the most used areas that need an unobstructed view of any potential danger. at your front entrance and then add cameras to the exterior sites that don't have windows. You should also incorporate devices in inside areas.

Check out these easy tips on where to place your home security cameras in Portland.

Utilize A Video Doorbell At Your Front Door

When you consider the potential risks that might create an issue for your property, an intruder or porch pirate will likely be a major worry. You might be surprised, but research shows that 34% of all intrusions occur right through your main entryway. Of course, making sure you always lock your door can decrease the likelihood of an invasion, but it's smart to keep a view of your front door.

Doorbell surveillance systems provide high-def footage so you are able to check on your entry around the clock. If a visitor advances to your main entryway, the doorbell camera will start video recording and send notifications to your mobile device. You may also speak with visitors with the two-way talk feature through your home security app. For added protection, you may have your connected interior lighting switch on automatically to give the impression you’re on site when you are really gone.

Watch Windowless Areas With Exterior Cameras

Dead spots are some of the best places to place your home security cameras in Portland. Luckily, today’s exterior cameras are compact and wireless. As you have the ability to install them almost anywhere, you can easily get a view of windowless areas, like your driveway or garage -- especially if your garage is detached.

Some other dead spaces found at your house may include:

  • Corners of your home not facing a road
  • Spaces around a chimney or deck overhang
  • Entrance to a cellar or an egress window into your basement
  • Barns or additional outdoor installations

When placing cameras, make sure you have an open view. This might necessitate cutting back any trees or bushes that may obscure your view.

Where To Place Your Indoor Cameras In Portland

Within your house, you have a multitude of options for where to place indoor surveillance devices. These components are sleek and unobtrusive and can easily sit on a counter, bookcase, or shelf. If a suspicious action occurs at night or when you're gone, you'll get a smartphone warning accompanied by a video recording.

The preferred spots for interior video cameras are primary hallways and areas with high-priced entertainment equipment, antiques, or other possessions. Primary living areas like family rooms often have the majority of camera placements in Portland. The front and upstairs walkways are also popular -- specifically to oversee passages out of your house in case of a fire or other disaster. Computer rooms are getting more popular, as work-from-home has increased.

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